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New website launches:

10-July-2019 13:07
in General
by Admin

It is great that at last I am able to write my first blog on the day our new website goes live.

I would like to thank a few key people in getting this new website launched:

- The Smarter Web Company for designing the website and putting up with our demands! It has taken a while but they have been incredibly patient with us. (

- Superb professional photographer, Hamish Mitchell, for the wonderful photography you see on the website. I remembered his face immediately when he arrived, from my riding days. Hamish spent a whole day with us from 0730 and we had lots of fun getting these pictures. I shall always remember his very strange horsey noises when we were trying to get the horses to prick their ears for their head shots! I'm not sure what the horses thought but you can see it worked. The images are beautiful. (

- Charlotte Lycett Green for her invaluable advice in the world of media, websites, social media and generally editing my many grammar and punctuation errors. Charlotte is a superb thinker and is a really good person to bounce ideas off.

- and lastly, thank you to Katie who has put in the many hours of work and it wouldn't be as it is without her.

With this website, I am just trying to show you what it is that we do, how we do it and the way we think. I hope you find it interesting.