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Kilkeaskin Molly (IRE) - Update after her run at Uttoxeter

12-July-2019 12:34
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by Admin

We are delighted how Kilkeaskin Molly's appearance has improved since she arrived on the yard in February. The pictures below are taken on her arrival in early February and the stood up photograph (taken by our groom, Liz Lyall) was taken last month. There have been a few people involved in getting her to this stage, looking as she does now.

Firstly Clare MacLeod, independent equine nutritionalist and, a valuable member of our support team with her expert nutritional advice regarding feed. I would be asking Clare for small adjustments from our normal feeding programme so that differences can be made to the mare's overall condition. When looking at the before and after photographs, I hope you agree that this has been achieved.

Also Buffy Shirley-Beaven, and her team of vets, at Summerhill Equine to ensure Molly is pain free, not over-loading anywhere and is well balanced. Buffy carries out a comprehensive, pre-run/pre-season MOT which can include a gastroscope.

To Anita Miles, our equine physiotherapist, who checks her over regularly and to Chris Keable, our farrier/trimmer, to sort her feet out. 

Kilkeaskin Molly had her first run for us at Uttoxeter on Tuesday evening and was ridden by Daryl Jacob. We felt that she would run really well but as soon as she got to the races, she got rather excited and not in the manner we would have wished - Liz noticed immediately that she had come into season. This was represented by her performance in the race where she ran below par.

Most mares when they come into season do not perform to the best of their abilities. They generally come into season from Spring to Autumn when the days are longer. Their season lasts for a few days in an approximate three week cycle so I shall be speaking to Charlie Pinkham at Pinkham Equine, who is an expert on these things, and see if there is anything we can do.

The good news is that she is fine after her race, she also hardly blew at all. Liz, who was leading her up, said she recovered much quicker than the others so we shall put the run down to her being in season. Kilkeaskin Molly ran without shoes.

Two shares remain in this beautiful, 5 year old mare. If you are interested in hearing more please call: 07850 350116.


Photograph above, taken on her arrival in February 2019

Photograph above, taken by Liz Lyall, in June 2019