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Crimson Sand, a flat racehorse, enjoying some strengthening work

15-April-2023 0:00
in General
by Admin

In this video taken today, we have a sprinter on the flat, Crimson Sand doing some strengthening work. He galloped yesterday and we were very pleased with his work. He has recently had a tracheal wash which has come back fine so he is back in the indoor school this morning doing some strengthening work. Here he is having a 5-minute trot each way, with the band and rubber rein on and then he’ll have a canter each way the same. We do this exercise to strengthen him up.  When we started this exercise he found it noticeably hard going right-handed so we are concentrating on strengthening that weaker side and I believe this will then make him run faster. Sands will then be on the walker tomorrow and freshen him up before his race on Monday at Windsor. The ground is currently heavy at Windsor, and we don’t know whether he will go in it, but he shouldn’t do himself any harm and we will learn. As always we are doing all we can and I’m very pleased with the way he is carrying himself and using himself. All this strengthening work will only help him. 

            We enjoy conditioning all the racehorses here at Simon Earle Racing. We find that the conditioning they receive with consistent training and exercise develops their fitness and prevents overuse injuries. They also seem better balanced.